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Rachel Bonaventura-Snir

Clinical & Medical Psychologist & psychotherapist, Tel-Aviv

Psychotherapist,  Couple therapist,  CBT  and  Hypnosis

Rachel (Helly) Bonaventura-Snir, Clinical and Medical Psychologist

* * *

I am practicing Psychotherapy for over 25 years in my Home-Clinic in Ramat-Aviv.

My expertise is in treating Anxiety, Depression, Life-Crises and Traumas,

 Questions concerning Directions in life, decisions, Self Esteem and relations.

As a Medical Psychologist I specialize in treating Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia. 

* * *

I offer short-term, problem-focused therapy  as well as  introspective psychotherapy,

combining Psycho-dynamic methods with CBT, Mind-Body Psychology and Mindfulness,

Guided Imagery and Hypnosis when desired.

I believe that Psychotherapy is a place to look into ourselves and our lives,

Meet our abilities and strengths, our needs, our burdens and pain,

Ask questions, seek answers, free ourselves and grow. 


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